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VSNVinyard Wedding

Nick + Madeline  |  Sacramento, CA

“My wife and I absolutely loved working with Evan. He is professional, kind, and very good at what he does. We could not have asked for better photos to remember such a special day. Even more so, many photographers are hurried and rushed. Evan is not. He is patient and very accommodating to your needs alongside his professional opinion. For the quality of his work, I do not think there is a better value than Evan Chung Photography. I strongly recommend him to all my friends getting married, taking family photos, and capturing other life events."


San-carlos-wedding-4348San Carlos Wedding





Shirley + Sean  |  San Carlos, CA

"Evan and his sidekick were the photographers at our DIY backyard wedding this month, and I can’t describe how great/awesome/easy it was working with him. I got really lucky since I found Evan after google searching wedding photographers in the Bay Area and randomly looking at portfolios offered by photographers' websites. His photographs really popped off the page. What drew me to reach out to him were their quality - he just has a good eye, and that’s not something every photographer has. You can really see his care and dedication to his craft in all of the photographs that he takes, not to mention his talent.

What really impressed me after we starting working together was Evan’s enthusiasm and organization. He asked us prior to the wedding what types of photographs we wanted, and then created a schedule for us so we could have the opportunity to take these photos. On the day of the wedding, it was absolute madness and we were already running behind schedule, but Evan showed up, happy, ready to shoot, and got all of us in a good mood and smiling for photos!

Also, while Evan did have a schedule, he was also flexible and willing to adhere to his clients’ wishes. On impulse, we decided getting a group shot of us with all our wedding guests, and even with less than 60 people with little open space it was no easy feat. No worries; Evan got it done, and not once did he try and convince me it was a bad idea, nor discourage me from doing this. As someone in a service-oriented profession, I definitely appreciated this.

For those of you who are hesitant about reading an online review from a gushing bride, please note that I would not be writing this review if I had had just an average experience working with Evan. Bottom line is that he was organized, prompt, and most importantly, his enthusiasm and eye for detail is unmatched!"

Evan Chung Wedding Photography, Sonoma Bay Area Wine Country Wedding PhotographerSonoma Wedding

Berta B  |  Sonoma, CA

“Evan did a great job for us for some real estate pictures so with our recommendation my daughter Cherie and her new husband Sven hired Evan for their wedding. We got the pictures back and he did an outstanding job!! He is so creative and was very attentive to their personal needs and wants. They had a creative photo booth that everyone loved. Evan's artistic eye and fantastic positive energy was a joy for them to work with throughout the entire process!! The pictures came out great and everyone is happy!! Thanks for doing a fantastic job for my daughter's once in a lifetime special day! Priceless!!!”


Ward-9930Berkeley Stadium Wedding

Nora + Ryan  |  Berkeley Memorial Stadium

"Evan was the very first vendor we booked for our recent wedding and we are so happy that we did. From the first meeting, to all the communications leading up to the big day and the wedding day itself, Evan was professional, responsive and had a great sense of humor. Everyone says that picking a photographer you like is a big decision because they will be with you for so much of your wedding day, so just know you will have a super guy chilling with you if you work with Evan.

Evan was super helpful in suggesting our wedding day itinerary (and though my husband initially complained about the time allotted for pictures, Evan totally was right in all his recommendations!). 

As for the pictures themselves, Evan really listened to us when we discussed the overall style we wanted for our pictures (flattering, natural, not too "artsy"). Even as someone who usually hates how I look in candid pictures, I ended up really liking a lot of shots that Evan and his team captured that day."



ECPhoto-8054San Francisco Wedding

Jessica + Mookie  |  San Francisco, CA

"Evan has a great eye for color, texture and detail! He is professional but fun, and knows how to get the best out of the people he photographs (even the least photogenic of us!). 

From the very beginning, Evan was very accommodating of our needs for a small city hall wedding ceremony and post-ceremony happy hour in San Francisco. We met by Skype a couple times to set up our timeline and nail down the details, and he always followed up with typed out information and schedules.

On the day of, he did a fantastic job managing our timeline, gently moving us from one location to the next, socializing with our family members to make them more comfortable, and letting us have a ton of fun while he took some amazing shots. He went with the flow, but made sure to get all the photos we were looking for. We just got the final gallery and are so pleased with his work!"
ECPhoto-6207Berkeley Redwood Wedding

Patrick and Maryann  |  Berkeley Redwood Grove

We made our own invitations, skipped the professional DJ, ordered normal cakes, and skipped a lot of typical wedding expenditures. However, we hired a professional photographer, and I am extremely glad we did that (instead of having that one uncle with the video camera try and handle it).  

I was worried about having random people (think a weird DJ) adding a tone to the day that I didn't want. Evan did the opposite. He was super professional, but also fun. He was smooth and efficient, but didn't feel rushed. Apart from the photo quality, it was legitimately a pleasure to interact with Evan during the day. Not to mention the times we didn't notice him even though he was around somewhere capturing the moment. 

As for the photos, I'm not photography expert, but these are the nicest pictures I've ever been associated with. Our wedding was in a redwood setting, and Evan was fully able to capture the natural beauty of the place, as well as the mood of the wedding. I am so glad I have these photos to look back on and relive the day with. It seems like Evan is no one-trick pony, but someone who can harvest the best parts of whatever setting he is in.

Seriously, I can't recommend this guy enough.  I usually don't leave reviews like this, I've only done one or two in my whole life, each time having had a strong experience. I haven't left reviews for any other wedding service provider. If you are on the fence about what to do with a photography decision (wedding or otherwise), feel free to consider this review as that soft breeze that tips you firmly over to the Evan Chung side. You can thank me later.


Evan Chung Photography - Huff Blog PostBurlingame Wedding

Nataly + Brandon  |  Burlingame, CA

"Boy did we luck out to have Evan as our photographer! I'm not just talking about the beautiful photos that were the result. Having Evan as a part of our wedding made everything easier.

He was punctual, professional, knew exactly the right questions to ask and blended it perfectly into the atmosphere of the wedding. During the pre-wedding meetings, he helped us put together our schedule, made us think of details we had completely overlooked and somehow made us feel that it was all going to come together beautifully. He was very flexible to adjust for our concerns and restrictions, and was the easiest part of the wedding planning.

The day of Evan managed to capture every moment without even being noticed. When we got our photos back we spent the entire night reliving the day, laughing and crying. I could not imagine having a better experience with a wedding photographer."

westTilden Wedding

Ruth + Ray  |  Berkeley, CA

"My husband and I were married last June. Evan met with us a couple times before the wedding and really understood and respected our vision; more journalistic than formal photography. We did not want to spend much time posing and he did a fantastic job of getting some key family photos and then sending us on to the reception to enjoy our party. His pictures are wonderful - artistic and beautiful. With his skill and vision he provided a wonderful array of both colored and black white pictures that captured the warmth and vitality of our day. I love that he didn't just capture the important moments, he captured other people reacting to those important moments. Everyone who has seen our finished album has said it is the most beautiful they have ever seen. I can't disagree. And on top of all that, Evan's charm, warmth and wit made him a great addition to our day. Everyone thought he was another guest!"

EvanChungPhoto-7074San Jose Wedding

Emily + Anson  |  San Jose, CA

"Searching for a wedding photographer was one of the most painful parts of the process, but it ended up being one of the biggest payoffs in the end. Choosing Evan for our photographer was one of our best decisions. We had a budget to stick to, and Evan was still in our price range without sacrificing any of the quality we wanted for our photos. He was professional, friendly, warm, and accommodating. We met once in person, and then we were able to skype and email back and forth while we were home in Dallas. Each time we spoke, his genuinely friendly and happy personality was apparent, which is definitely a coveted trait for a wedding photographer who is there to capture the happiest day of your life. He is obviously experienced and helped us put together a rough timeline of our wedding day, as well as keeping updated with the types of shots we wanted.

They day of the wedding, Evan was prompt and on top of things, and more importantly, put everyone at ease. It was almost like he was one of the party, joking, talking, and laughing with us all. Taking photos with him was so much fun, and he kept the flow very well. He was very organized (especially since we had covered a lot of info in the days/week prior to the wedding), and got photos done quickly, even with a massive family like mine.

The worst part? The wait! But boy, was it worth it when we finally saw our wedding photos a couple months later. Evan did a beautiful job, keeping the vibrant colors and really getting the natural beauty of our garden venue. I still can't stop looking at the photos over and over again. He did an amazing job and truly captured our personalities and the happiness of the day!"
Drake-4034Mill Valley Wedding

Christina + Matthew  |  Mill Valley, CA

"We originally approached my husband's cousin to do our wedding photography, since she is a successful photographer and photography professor. She was happy to do so but hadn't done a wedding in awhile and wanted to find someone she could work alongside of for our big day. In came her former photography student, Evan. Bingo!

The two of them worked well with our wedding party to get some natural, relaxed portraits. They also magically were able to capture the important moments of the day without being imposing or blocking the views of guests. And, finally, they were just a blast to work with. Fun, relaxed, funny photographers made us have fun and feel relaxed.

Although we've only seen a few of the photos, we are very happy with the result. They came out crisp and colorful and seem to reflect the vibe of the day. We really enjoyed working with Evan and are happy with the way he captured our wedding!"
Livermore Wedding


Sarah + Daniel  |  Livermore, CA

"My husband and I absolutely loved working with Evan and Angie. Evan was really personable and easy to reach throughout the planning process- he always answered his email in a timely manner and made sure to call to clarify things. He really helped us with scheduling to make sure our wedding ran smoothly. 
On the day of the wedding, Evan, Angie and their assistant totally blended in with the wedding party.  They were fun and energetic and really great about getting all the shots we wanted and coming up with creative ideas. Their personalities are easy to get along with and they have a great sense of humor - very fun-loving. They really made sure to keep the bride and groom in mind throughout the entire day and were really accommodating.
Our photos turned out better than we had imagined. They got all the pictures we wanted plus more.  The colors were perfect too (our bridesmaids dresses were a dark purple which sometimes can look blue in pictures, but Evan got the colors exactly right). Our wedding was fun and upbeat and Evan captured the feel. Our dance floor pictures were amazing!
We also really liked how flexible Evan was with helping us make our photobooth unique and just the way we wanted - he even let us customize the background color.  We highly recommend Evan Chung Photography for any wedding- he's a great photographer that isn't overpriced."

San Geronimo Wedding

Kristin + Kurtis  |  San Geronimo, CA

"Evan and Angie are a great team! They are both two of the the nicest people you will ever come across. Not only do our photos look great, they took the time to make sure we were happy with everything. Just before the wedding, the groom was feeling a little nervous and Evan had him hit some golf balls with his groomsmen. Not only was it a great idea, he got some great photos as well."

Berkeley Portraits

Negar + Family  |  El Cerrito, CA

"What can I say. If you want a stuffy sit down photo shoot like you get at Sears or JCPenny by a person that could essentially have just gotten hired in that section never taking a picture in their lives, Evan Photography is NOT for you! Evan himself is absolutely wonderful. His care and thought process shows you WHY he loves what he does. Angie, his better half, TRULY his his better half- what he misses, she catches. They work as a team. They are amazing people not only in their profession but they exude kindness in real life too. We took our family pictures with Evan and let me say we are NOT easy people. We have three kids- so imagine that in itself is difficult, then you throw everyone's moods in the mix and your lucky everyone looks at the camera at the same time! HA! But the pictures are Incredible. The worst part is choosing what to actually put up in the house! Later he did my best friends wedding....he has a way about him. We had some very pushy and opinionated guests & relatives and let me say- he made sure everyone knew who the photographer was with grace and charm the entire time. Did I mention he is absolutely affordable. BIG BIG PLUS! I love these guys and would give them 10 stars if I could!"


Evan Chung Wedding photography, Redwood City Wedding photographerPalo Alto Wedding


John + Marisa  |  Redwood City & Palo Alto, CA

"Evan is truly awesome!   From the first email, the first meeting with him, to the wedding day itself, we were impressed over and over again. Here are some of the reasons we LOVE him.
1) He cared for us. Not only did he take amazing photos, but he truly cared about us as people. I think that is an incredible quality for anyone to have, and as the "client" I felt so much more comfortable knowing that we had a photographer who cared about us!
2) He and Angie (his wife took photos with him) are superbly professional. As is quite normal with most wedding days, ours had our share of hiccups. Evan and Angie were flexible and professional the entire time. The way they dressed, the way they addressed our families and wedding party, the way they were entirely on point and organized--everything was extremely professional!
3) His work is worth every cent and MORE. We had Evan take engagement photos for us a couple months ago and they came out phenomenal! You can see some of his work on his website as well as his facebook page. We were so happy with his style and with the quality of the photos! He is currently working on our wedding photos and we have been able to see a few, which are STUNNING.

I could go on and on. Suffice it to say, choosing to go with Evan Chung as our photographer was most definitely one of the BEST decisions we made for our wedding!  Honestly, if I had more $$ in my budget, I'd easily be willing to pay more for his services purely as a "thank you" for making the process so much fun and for doing such an awesome job!  

He has a great eye for the ideal shots you'd like to see when the event is over and you're reminiscing over fond memories.  I cannot recommend Evan enough.  Check him out and see for yourself, but when you realize that I'm right, make sure you pass on the recommendation to other friends and family!"

Evan Chung Bay Area Wedding PhotographyBerkeley Wedding

Chris + Lindsay  |  Berkeley, CA

"Our wedding photos are amazing!!  Everyone who looks at them asks who our photographer was and wants his info.  Evan and Angie were fun, funny, professional, very accommodating of everything we wanted and a welcome addition to the wonderful memory we have of our wedding. They were the most reasonably priced photographer we looked at in the Bay Area and I think it was worth way more than what we paid.  We own the rights to our pictures, which is great, because we've been able to choose the pictures we want to print.  I'd highly recommend them to anyone!"

Evan Chung San Francisco Bay Area Wedding Photography

Sabrina + Steele  |  Richmond, VA

"My husband and I loved working with Evan and Angie! When searching for photographers we were really drawn towards Evan's style and are so thankful they were able to fly to Virginia to photograph our wedding. They are wonderfully fun, energetic people who really engaged our bridal party, family, and guests, making for some truly fantastic, natural looking photos.

Everyone felt so comfortable around Evan and Angie, and it helped reduced the stress level knowing such an important aspect of the wedding was in such good hands.  The formal photos are phenomenal, but he also captured some truly great moments throughout the entire event which my husband and I had missed. It was a blast going through the photos, all of which were provided to us on a disc (as well as rights to the photos).  We highly recommend them!"

Evan Chung Photography, San Francisco Bay Area wedding photographyStanford Portraits

Ellen Y  |  Stanford Campus, CA

"Evan Chung takes beautiful photos for all kinds of events, not only weddings.

My daughter was graduating from Stanford this spring and we wanted to document some memories of her life on campus and her friends. We weren't looking for formal photos of graduation, but rather some unique portraits and photos capturing her friendships and emotions. After looking at some of Evan's photos on his website and reading reviews, we hired Evan.  He delivered every step of the way.

He worked with my daughter's crazy end-of-year schedule. He was professional, yet relaxed and fun. He charged reasonable rates. Best of all, he took a variety of kinds of photos -- from beautiful single and group portraits to the girls having fun. Lots of expressions and poses to choose from.

The photos were just what we were hoping for."

Evan Chung Photography, Oakland Bay Area Wedding PhotographerOakland Wedding

Janel + Ryan  |  Oakland, CA

"Fan-freaking-tastic!!!!  I LOVE my wedding photos!  Evan also did engagement photos for us at a location we chose and set.  He was great.  We were able to use a lot of those for the actual wedding invitations, save the dates, information cards, etc.  It was fabulous.

And I must talk about the day of my wedding.  It went so smoothly and I never felt rushed at all.  Some people charge by the hour, which would feel hectic to get everything done so you don't pay overtime, but Evan charges for the event, which means, if you're there, he's there.  It was great.  He got amazing photos and made the beautiful location even more beautiful.  My family also likes really formal shots, but I tend to like the more candid, casual shots and he did a perfect blend of the two - both my parents and I are happy!  

As I've been going through the photos, I have no idea how I'm going to choose what to frame on the wall - they're all just way too good.  He worked with our personalities and themes and was just amazing.  LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE to Evan."

Evan Chung Photography, San Francisco Bay Area Wedding PhotographerSan Francisco Engagement

Alexis + Ben  |  San Francisco and Berkeley, CA

"We got our engagement photos and our wedding photos through Evan and Angie, and we absolutely loved them! They both have a great eye for angles and colors, and that clearly comes out in the way they take their photographs, not to mention the fact that they make an excellent team and work extremely well with one another. Their goal is to make you comfortable so the photos reflect who you naturally are--as a person, as a couple, as a family--and because of that, sometimes we even forgot they were there! They had us laughing the whole time.

Not only are they both amazingly personable and fun to be around, they make quick work (especially given that they're so popular!) and they are really organized. They made sure to ask us what pictures we wanted, what we were looking for in our shoots, and all of their experience shooting engagements and weddings made them a valuable fount of advice, which was really helpful for us given that we'd never purchased professional photography before. And, to top it all, for the quality of the photography, they're awesomely affordable.

All in all, we loved them, and we hope you do too!"

Evan Chung Wedding photography, San Francisco Bay Area Wedding Photographer





Weston + Emily  |  Fresno, CA

“Working with Evan was great, they made the whole experience relaxing and fun, and now we have some great pictures.  Before the wedding, Evan spent a long time talking with us about the timing for the day, who was going to be where when, and helped us figure out how long each of the photo shoots was going to be.  We decided to do all the pictures before the ceremony, so that there would not be a big gap between ceremony and reception, and he helped us develop a detailed timeline for my wife and me, our bridesmaids, groomsmen and families that let them know where they needed to be and when.  He was also really helpful in helping us pick some outdoor locations for the pictures, and in telling us what kinds of pictures they would be shooting.  All of the pre-planning was great, and he was quick to respond to e-mails and phone calls when we had questions or last minute thoughts about what we wanted to have happen that day.  He made it easy for us and was really flexible as hair appointments and everything else made change our initial plan a little bit.
The day of the wedding he was efficient and organized, directing everyone where to stand and making sure that the next group of people was ready to go for their pictures.  Everyone was relaxed, and he made sure that the people in the pictures looked comfortable and like they were enjoying it.  He took a ton of pictures, and they turned out great.  Some of our favorites were ones that we did not realize at the time he was taking, as he favors a photojournalist style that aims to capture people interacting and enjoying themselves.
He kept us updated as he processed the pictures, and sent us cds with the full images so that we could have them printed as we wanted (he'll also do the printing for you, but we like that we didn't have to make the decision about printing right after the wedding).
Overall, he takes some fantastic photos, and goes out of his way to make sure that you get the shots you want and does it in a professional manner that keeps you relaxed and focused on the important things (like your wedding).”