Sutro Baths and Crissy Fields Engagement Teaser | San Francisco, CA

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I had such a blast shooting with Mickey and Sabrina this week for their San Francisco engagement. The best part about it is that we shouldn't have any of these images at all. Any Bay Area wedding photographer knows that when you schedule a San Francisco engagement, there is always the possibility of having to reschedule due to bad weather. The problem is that Mickey and Sabrina were only town for this week and they were leaving on a jet plane on Friday and of course the weekend we originally scheduled the shoot for, it poured down with rain. Thank goodness, in true California fashion, later that week the skies parted and gave way to sunny weather in the mid seventies. Perfect for a city engagement shoot.

They chose to wear their wedding day attire for the shoot and don't they look stunning?! Check out the rest of these teaser shots and I can't wait to share more. 

Ni-7904Ni-7904© Evan Chung Photography 2014 |

The Golden Gate Bridge photos were just the beginning. As we made our way from Crissy Fields over to the Sutro Baths, we came upon a section of trees beside the road that just screamed to be photographed. We turned the cars around and went back and I'm incredibly glad we did. These forest engagement photos with the light through the trees made for some of the most fun and creative photo opportunities. 

Ni-8160Ni-8160© Evan Chung Photography 2014 | We finally made it the Sutro Baths and right in time for the sunset. What a gorgeous location! It has to be one of my favorites to shoot in all of San Francisco simply because there's no where else like it. The iconography of the pools connect you with the past while making new photographs for the future. I love it!

Ni-8671Ni-8671© Evan Chung Photography 2014 | Ni-8694Ni-8694© Evan Chung Photography 2014 | This close up portrait is pretty much straight out of camera. The sunlight bursting past his head and the warm glow on their skins was even more striking in person. 

Ni-8834Ni-8834© Evan Chung Photography 2014 | Ni-8876Ni-8876© Evan Chung Photography 2014 |


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