Redwood Trees in the Afternoon Light | Santa Cruz Engagement Photo Shoot

April 03, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

This one is long overdue and I just had to come back and post it for you! I loved everything about it: the super fun couple, amazing light, rowdy fur babies, rainy redwoods... it all just came together. For a Santa Cruz engagement session it had great weather. Usually Santa Cruz engagement photos are one or the other - overcast or sunny. This time we lucked out because we had lots of different kinds of weather which made for a super fun engagement shoot. 

As a Bay Area wedding photographer, I get used to shooting in different weather which can also produce some crazy great lighting scenarios if you're willing to brave the elements, but this one was a fun challenge even for a Bay Area native. I wish I had a behind-the-scenes photo to show off the helpful friend who was holding the umbrella over me while shooting by the river. The sprinkling rain was constant but not insurmountable. Those dogs though! So much energy! :) We had a few unique shots with the dogs hiking up dangerous cliffs and posing randomly on the edge of a steep wall of rock and dirt. So good!

Not only did we have fun in the rain, but it cleared up enough to see the warm sunset light and even go for a quick bike ride. John and Allison were troopers, no, they were instigators! They rocked it! They even did some ballroom dancing for me.

We had such a great time and I can't wait to shoot their wedding soon!

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