Legion of Honor and Crystal Springs Golf Course Wedding

November 19, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I'm excited to share these images from this gorgeous Burlingame and SF wedding. We celebrated with tea ceremonies through the morning and then friends and family gathered for the wedding at Crystal Springs Golf Course. There's a beautiful gazebo at the far edge of the golf course that the club uses for weddings. It happens to look out over one of the best views on the SF Peninsula. 

We then spent some time at the Legion of Honor and the San Francisco Ferry Building. Check out these great shots from the time with the couple and the bridal party. I can't wait to share more of the photos. Enjoy!

Legion-Of-Honor-evan-chung-5515Legion-Of-Honor-evan-chung-5515 Legion-Of-Honor-evan-chung-5544Legion-Of-Honor-evan-chung-5544 Legion-Of-Honor-evan-chung-5612Legion-Of-Honor-evan-chung-5612 Legion-Of-Honor-evan-chung-5709Legion-Of-Honor-evan-chung-5709 Legion-Of-Honor-evan-chung-5749Legion-Of-Honor-evan-chung-5749 Legion-Of-Honor-evan-chung-5760Legion-Of-Honor-evan-chung-5760 Legion-Of-Honor-evan-chung-5847Legion-Of-Honor-evan-chung-5847 Legion-Of-Honor-evan-chung-5943Legion-Of-Honor-evan-chung-5943 Legion-Of-Honor-evan-chung-5997Legion-Of-Honor-evan-chung-5997


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