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Matt & Katie’s Wedding :: Teaser!

January 17, 2011 - Their poor cheeks! There was so much laughter around this couple that it made my own smile muscles ache. I’ll bet they h...
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Dave & Tiffany’s Wedding :: Teaser!

January 17, 2011 - Dave & Tiffany are great and so much fun! Not only did they pull off a smooth wedding but they were also the most gracio...
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Dave & Tiffany’s Engagement

January 11, 2011 - Why do we have to choose between classy and fun? Dave and Tiffany didn’t even ask such a silly question – they just went...
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Scott & Jenny’s Wedding

January 11, 2011 - This wedding was amazing. Jenny put so much time into the details of this day and it came off exquisitely!...
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Jim & Maggie’s Wedding

January 11, 2011 - Gorgeous bride, handsome groom, and an absolutely stunning wedding!
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Kevin & Shinie’s Engagement

January 11, 2011 - Who knew that a rainy day at Stanford University could be so much fun!!!...
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Ford Family Portraits

January 11, 2011 - A beautiful family and so much fun! We even got to play at the park.
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