Lytro Camera Technology – All Depths of All Fields… All the Time

October 20, 2011  •  Leave a Comment

Ever wanted to go back in time and alter a photograph that you took that wasn’t quite as crisp as you’d hoped?  The subject is running, jumping, celebrating…  generally doing what active subjects do and what could have been an amazing photojournalistic moment becomes just another so-so photograph for the archives.  This little camera may possibly revolutionize all that.  The Lytro camera, released yesterday, basically takes a photograph that let’s you interact with it to refocus on subjects within the same photograph.  Truly amazing.  While it seems to be meant for folks who are looking for an easy point and shoot experience, just think about the possibilities of this kind of technology once someone harnesses it in a SLR type body!!!!  I get all mushy just thinking about it!  Wooo!  I’m probably not going to rush off and buy this expensive little toy until it has truly proven it’s stripes but I’m very excited for when this technology progresses it’s way into professional camera bodies.

Product release deails: launch of Lytro

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