Wesley & Helen's Engagement | San Jose, CA

September 12, 2012  •  4 Comments

My brother is engaged!!! And my family is getting a lovely addition to the family!  My future sister-in-law is a sweet "Glaswegian lass" (she's from Glasgow, Scotland)!  On their most recent trip back to the States, we took advantage of the California sun and captured a few moments that celebrate their recent engagement.  I am particularly fond of these photos because of my particular fondness of the subjects.  :) 

Many thanks to Wesley and Helen for letting me play a small part in your engagement!  I love you both like crazy!!!  Can't wait for the wedding!


Gretchen Haughey(non-registered)
Yes, you both look so great! Delightful and glorious! Hope you enjoy the engagement time leading up to your wedding and marriage. All the best, Gretchen.
Beautiful. It makes me want to dougie.
Congrats to all! Nice shots Evan.
Tiffany Robertson(non-registered)
What a joy to see the evidence of a couple so deeply in love and happy! Thank you for sharing!
You two are awesome! xo
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