Paul & Whitney's Wedding | Mountain Terrace, Redwood City, CA

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I had the greatest time with this fun-loving couple!

Whitney and her bridesmaids got ready for the big day in the smallest room known to humankind, but that didn't diminish their excitement and laughter. 

ECPhoto-4789 ECPhoto-4800 ECPhoto-4809 ECPhoto-4818 ECPhoto-4826 ECPhoto-2340 ECPhoto-4757

The guys took a different approach. A little football and some running around was the perfect cure for wedding day nerves. I'm just glad no one ripped their pants. 

ECPhoto-4870 ECPhoto-4905 ECPhoto-4920 ECPhoto-2344

There were some great details around the Mountain Terrace and the weather during the middle of the day was gorgeous. The clouds stayed away just long enough to get through the group shots and the ceremony. Phew! Thank you, clouds!

ECPhoto-01 ECPhoto-02 ECPhoto-04 ECPhoto-2396 ECPhoto-4862

Once the ladies were ready, Whitney came out to give Paul his first look at her. It was a beautiful moment - full of joy (and a couple of tears). 

ECPhoto-4955 ECPhoto-4958 ECPhoto-4966 ECPhoto-4993 ECPhoto-5042 ECPhoto-2353 ECPhoto-5144 ECPhoto-5146 ECPhoto-5159 ECPhoto-5519 ECPhoto-5290

I had a great time with the bridesmaids and there's even a shot where they posed like the ladies of the Bridesmaids Movie. See the comparison below. 

ECPhoto-03 ECPhoto-5436 ECPhoto-5485 ECPhoto-5558 ECPhoto-5571 The BRIDESMAIDS movie poster:


Whitney's real life bridesmaids movie poster: 


Here comes the bride!!!

ECPhoto-5715 ECPhoto-5751 ECPhoto-5790 ECPhoto-06 ECPhoto-5865 ECPhoto-05 ECPhoto-5886 ECPhoto-07 ECPhoto-2524

It was a beautiful day and the ceremony narrowly escaped the rain by about an hour. The first drops fell lightly during the veil shot below. The following shots were of us running for cover. 

ECPhoto-2573 ECPhoto-6230 ECPhoto-6259 ECPhoto-6276


And I just had to include this evening shot simply because of the two groomsmen in the background. Ultimate wedding photobomb!

ECPhoto-7033 ECPhoto-7191

Congratulations Whitney & Paul! What a wonderful celebration!

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Venue/Catering/etc. - the Mountain Terrace -
Flowers (bouquets, corsages, cake, arbor) - Bella Fiori, Victoria Rasmussen -
Rings - Shabnam -
Flowers (centerpieces, ceremony aisle) - Bridget Connolly & frriends
Music Coordination - Chris Montague
Coordinator - Kaitlin Montague


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