New York Skyline

January 17, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Last October, my wife and son flew out with me to New York. While visiting my uncle, we had the good fortune to watch the sunrise from our bedroom. Being a Bay Area photographer, I'm accustomed to taking skyline photos at sunset. It's not everyday that I get to rise with the sun and be clear headed enough to fumble with my camera (not a morning person). Looking back at the photos, I found myself missing New York and wanted to share a couple of the moments that really made the trip for me.

I took this first skyline shot right before running out the door to battle rush hour subway traffic. 

PA170874PA170874© Evan Chung Photography 2013 |

This photograph of my son by the window was snapped on my phone. 


A park performer nearly engulfed my son in a huge bubble. 

PA191252PA191252© Evan Chung Photography 2013 |

An evening skyline of New York City.

PA211358PA211358© Evan Chung Photography 2013 |

I cannot wait to return. 


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