East Bay Engagement Session | Lake Chabot with Yi and Kailyn

April 11, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

I shot an engagement shoot this weekend with a lovely couple, Yi and Kailyn, at Lake Chabot in Castro Valley, CA. We started in the main picnic area but with the beautiful weather, the grounds were packed with people. After a few shots, we left the main area and went wandering up in the hills. What a thrill it was to photograph among the high grasses and gorgeous trees.

The iconic image that summed up this session for me was made when we came across large ancient-looking tree with a sideways reaching limbs as long as a bus. It made a perfect canopy to shoot under. Check out the final images below. 

EvanChung_EC1_2746EvanChung_EC1_2746 EvanChung_EC1_2756EvanChung_EC1_2756 EvanChung_EC1_2786EvanChung_EC1_2786 EvanChung_EC1_2796EvanChung_EC1_2796 EvanChung_EC2_0082EvanChung_EC2_0082 EvanChung_EC2_0091EvanChung_EC2_0091 EvanChung_EC2_0127EvanChung_EC2_0127 EvanChung_EC2_0142EvanChung_EC2_0142 EvanChung_EC2_0144EvanChung_EC2_0144 EvanChung_EC1_2841EvanChung_EC1_2841 EvanChung_EC1_2846EvanChung_EC1_2846 EvanChung_EC2_0168EvanChung_EC2_0168 EvanChung_EC1_2852EvanChung_EC1_2852 EvanChung_EC1_2878EvanChung_EC1_2878 EvanChung_EC2_0152EvanChung_EC2_0152 EvanChung_EC2_0181EvanChung_EC2_0181 EvanChung_EC2_0206EvanChung_EC2_0206 EvanChung_EC2_0217EvanChung_EC2_0217 EvanChung_EC2_0232EvanChung_EC2_0232 EvanChung_EC2_0234EvanChung_EC2_0234 EvanChung_EC1_2944EvanChung_EC1_2944 EvanChung_EC1_2952EvanChung_EC1_2952 EvanChung_EC1_2910EvanChung_EC1_2910 EvanChung_EC1_2919EvanChung_EC1_2919 EvanChung_EC2_0268EvanChung_EC2_0268 EvanChung_EC2_0284EvanChung_EC2_0284 EvanChung_EC2_0288EvanChung_EC2_0288 EvanChung_EC2_0332EvanChung_EC2_0332




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