San Francisco Engagement at the Golden Gate Bridge and Legion of Honor | Teaser Post

June 01, 2015  •  1 Comment

If you know me, then you know I love to laugh. This little trait helps me thoroughly enjoy photographing couples. The real magic happens when the couple loves laughter just as much as I do. When this happens I find myself smiling so much that I can feel my cheeks pushing up against the back of the camera as I shoot and laugh with them. Simply put, it's wonderful. That was how I felt with Sarah and Feras this weekend. We shot their engagement session at two of the most iconic spots in San Francisco - The Golden Gate Bridge and the Legion of Honor. The clouds by the bridge helped us show off the cool and foggy nature of a true San Francisco summer, but thankfully the sun finally came out when we got to the Legion of Honor. What a treat it was to laugh and play with the two of them. I loved their joy for life and their impeccable style. Check out these teaser shots from their engagement shoot and keep an eye out for the full post coming soon. 

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